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Patricia H. Rushford  

Award Winning Author & Speaker



School Visits

Want to get your kids fired up about reading and writing?


Invite an author to school!


Patricia is available to teach writing classes, conduct workshops, and speak at assemblies at your grade school, junior high, and high school. How can you take advantage of this unique opportunity?

 e-mail Patricia Rushford for details.

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What teachers and students are saying . . .

"I've just finished reading my 6th grade (top) Reading Group the first of the Jennie McGrady Mysteries and can't wait to start book two. I can't begin to express my appreciation for your visit, I haven't seen the kids this excited all year." -- Jan B., Teacher 7th grade

"Thank you so-o-o much for coming to our class. The information you gave about writing will help with my writing now and in the future. You are very inspiring to me and I hope you can come again." --Danielle W., 6th Grade

"I don't normally like to read, but I love your books. Can't seem to put them down." --Kim B., 8th Grade

"You really turned my kids on to writing--the stories they came up with after your visit were great!" --J. D., Teacher, 6th grade teacher


Click here to contact Pat for book signings, interviews, school appearances.



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