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The Humpty Dumpty Syndrome:

Hope and Healing for Broken People

Ever felt like Humpty Dumpty--broken and bruised and falling apart? Often in our attempts to put ourselves together we may patch up the wounds but inside, we still feel broken. The Humpty Dumpty Syndrome moves beyond fixing cracked and broken shells to healing the heart and soul. Learn how to come away from life's falls as a whole and complete person.


Available in Paperback ( $7.99) and Kindle ($2.99) at Amazon.com

It Shouldn't Hurt to Be a Kid

Explores how and why children are broken. Parents and caregivers will learn how to give hurting children the encouragement, attention, education, and love they need to become healthy, well-adjusted adults.

Revell, $9.99 ISBN: 0-8007-5572-3

Previously: The Jack & Jill Syndrome: Healing for Broken Children


Have You Hugged Your Teenager Today

Would you even want to? Teens have always given their parents cause for concern today more than ever. Here is a six point strategy for maximizing love and minimizing guilt as you parent your teen.

Revell, ISBN: 0-8007-8636-X

This book is out of print, but may be found online.

What Kids Need Most in a Mom

Refreshing, challenging, and encouraging. A memorable walk through the seasons of motherhood. What Kids Need Most in a Mom will help you enjoy the exhilarating, exhausting, and rewarding adventure of being a mother. "Excellent! A classic."

Revell, $8.99 ISBN: 0-8007-5294-5 - 2nd Edition
Over 100,000 copies sold!

Now available as an e-book for only $3.99

To read the story behind the writing of this book, please go to My Books for Parents Page

Emotional Phases of a Woman's Life

Co-authored by counselors Patricia H. Rushford and Jean Lush, Emotional Phases offers help to women who's hormones effect their lives. Topics include PMS, post-partum blues and depression, mid-life malaise, and menopause.

Revell, $8.99 ISBN: 0-8007-1529-2



Caring for Your Elderly Parents

The help, hope and cope book for people who care about older people. Caring for Your Elderly Parents is a resource guide designed to help adult children and care givers provide the best possible physical, emotional, social and spiritual care available to the aging.

Revell, $8.99 ISBN: 0-8007-9207-6

(Out of print; limited availability)



Lost in the Money Maze

Practical, insightful, serious and at times humorous. This book shows you how to identify the money eaters that devour your income, find a bookkeeping system that works for you, make wise decisions when using credit, include the entire family in your money matters, earn extra income, and find true financial freedom. (Special Order from Amazon.com)

Aglow $8.99 ISBN: 0-932305-91-1

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