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May 2017




It's Me Again

Finally, another mystery. I recently completed The Quiltmaker's Daughter and am pleased to have it out and on line, with Deadly Deception, in both e-book format and paperback. The book is part of my artisan series.

Being an artist, I thought it only fair that my main characters should be artists as well. In The Quiltmaker's Daughter, the featured artistry is quilting. Of course, I am a quilter among far too many other things. What can I say? I am constantly dreaming up new ideas.


Okay, so about the new book.



In The Quiltmaker's Daughter, Alaina Neilson, a sometimes artist, is taking a Caribbean Cruise with her best friend to recover from yet another failed marriage. Her life is a mess and it's about to get worse. Her estranged mother, a master quilter, suffers a stroke. Alaina knows she should go home, but isn't sure she can. Her mother had abandoned her years ago and Alaina feels nothing but resentment toward her.

Still, Alaina can't fight the urgent need to see her mother before she dies. Once home, she is not only faced with her mother's debilitating stroke, but a suspicious stranger who has eased into her mother's life, the theft of her mother's highly valued quilts, and murder.


An Artisan Mystery


Deadly Deception

Carolyn Hudson, finds herself in a compromising position when she awakens in a hotel room in a pool of blood. The dead man lying next to her is acclaimed politician, Adam Burke, who had, only a week earlier, commissioned her to paint his portrait. She has no idea how she got there. She only knows that she was drugged and soon learns she is the killer’s next victim. Carolyn must go into hiding and accept police protection. Still, nothing can prevent her from investigating on her own and clearing her name, even if it kills her.

An Artisan Mystery




In the Meantime

Working on novels is something I enjoy. But I also love being an artist. I work with all mediums and am taking a watercolor class through Clark College. I've taken up art quilting as well as and in addition to making quilts for family and charity.

One of my art quilts recently got a third place ribbon at the Clark County Quilters big quilt show.



Back at the Ranch



I've been out to North Dakota twice this year, once to take care of my darling graddaughters and once with my son and daughter-in law. Both visits were too short. Hoping to go again this fall if time and money permit. Stable Days going stronger than ever with thousands of kids benefitting from the program. Here's my granddaughter Andrea loving on one of the rescue horses.

Visit the Stabledays Website for an update.




Another Baby or Two



This Spring, my granddaughter, Kyrstin, gave birth to a lovely girl, Amelie. Hoping we get to see her soon. Nana needs to do a little bonding.

And in September, Hanna and Adam are having a baby--a boy I'm told, Abraham John.


I could go on, but this is a newsletter, not a novel. So much life and so little time.

Please check out my newly updated website at [www.patriciarushfordbooks.com]

As always thanks for your prayers and support. Blessings to all. Pat

Patricia H. Rushford



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