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Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach, Oregon

Mystery and Romance on the Oregon Coast

By Author & Speaker

Patricia H. Rushford


"Romantic Suspense at its finest . . ."

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Strangers in the Night


Set in 1961, Strangers in the Night, offers up plenty of romance, mystery and suspense.

Abbie Campbell has been running from the law for two years. A visit from Jake Connors, a friend of her parents, convinces her that it’s time to go home. But home is fraught with dangers. She faces the challenge of falling in love, turning an old lumber town into an artist retreat, and fighting to regain custody of her daughter, Emma, and possibly even facing jail time. 

And these are only the problems she knows about. Hidden in the beautiful, Northwest town of Cold Creek lurks a killer determined to stop her at all costs.

An Artisan Mystery




Watercolor Dreams

Lindsey Montgomery has only begun to explore her true nature, that of being an artist. Art tames the tensions and dark days caused by her depression and abusive past. Her decision to leave the family’s lucrative business to become a full-time painter nearly kills her father and opens a Pandora’s box of family secrets. Deception, lies, and murder follow Lindsay as she struggles to pursue her dreams. Mark Owens, Lindsay’s crush from high school, has come home to take over the business and wants Lindsay to stay in the company and in his life. Can Mark and Lindsay uncover the truth before the killer takes another life.

An Artisan Mystery




In Deadly Deception, Carolyn Hudson finds herself in a compromising position when she awakens in a hotel room in a pool of blood. The dead man lying next to her is acclaimed politician, Adam Burke, who had, only a week earlier, commissioned her to paint his portrait, Carolyn has no idea how she got there. She only knows that she was drugged and soon learns that she is the killer's next victim. Carolyn must go into hiding and accept police protection. Still nothing can prevent her from investigating on her own and clearing her name, even if it kills her.

An Artisan Mystery



In The Quiltmaker's Daughter, Alaina Neilson, a sometimes artist is taking a Caribbean Cruise with her best friend to recover from yet another failed marriage. Her life is a mess and it's about to get worse. Her estranged mother, a master quilter, suffers a stroke. Though reluctant, Alaina knows she should go home, but isn't sure she can. Her mother had abandoned her years ago and Alaina feels nothing but resentment toward her.

Still, Alaina can't fight the urgent need to see her mother before she dies. Once home, she is not only faced with her mother'd debilitating stroke, but a suspicious stranger who has eased his way into her mother's life, the theft of her mother's highly valued quilts, and murder.

An Artisan Mystery




Sins of the Mother

Popularity and fame have created a glimmering facade for singer, Shanna O'Brian, but when the spotlight fades, even her success fails to penetrate the darkness of reality. Faced with the murder of her mother and the death of the man who fashioned her country music career, Shanna must return to the place where her dreams have been both nurtured and shattered and where her own life is threatened . . .

An Artisan Mystery

ISBN: 1556619936


Rushford writes with hard hitting realism through a heart of compassion.

______Hannah Alexander, Author, The Crystal Cavern


Sins of the Mother received "Honorable Mention" at the 27th Annual International Angel Awards (The Hollywood based organization, Excellence in Media)


Winner of the Golden Quill Award for Inspirational Fiction

Golden Quill Award



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