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The Angel Delany Mysteries

Deadly Aim, Dying to Kill, and As Good as Dead

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Deadly Aim

Police Officer, Angel Delaney, uses deadly force following an armed robbery and kills a twelve-year old boy whom she believes is a gang member. When his weapon turns out to be a toy gun, the outraged community demands justice. Tension catapults to an even higher level when Angel becomes the prime suspect in another murder investigation. Unless she can prove her innocence on both counts, Angel stands to lose her job, her reputation, and perhaps even her life.

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Dying to Kill

Angel is in limbo trying to decide whether or not she wants to return to being a police officer. She turns investigator when police accuse a woman of murdering her husband. Angel sets out to prove the woman's innocence and finds suspects under every rock. Is the murderer, Phillip's business partner, his wife or daughter, his nephew, or an outraged colleague? Or will Angel find her answer in a far different setting, such as the support group for battered wives, or perhaps in the woman who counsels them?




As Good as Dead


Still on leave from the police department, and having just buried her father, Angel must come to terms with her future. In the meantime, she is determined to finally search for her missing brother, Luke. Unfortunately, she's not the only one looking. Her search brings Luke's enemies to the surface and both Angel and her brother are as good as dead unless she can unravel the tangled threads of Luke's past.





Reviews for Deadly Aim:

"A honey of a mystery by Paticia Rushford. Angel Delaney is a character with real staying power. The story will keep you flipping pages as you get caught up not only in the police procedural but also Angel's personal life. Can't wait for the next installment!"

________ James Scott Bell, author of A Higher Justice.


Over 900 reviews on Amazon and still holding at 4 1/2 Stars

"DEADLY AIM is a tale of pulse-pounding suspense that readers are unlikely to forget. The book has it all—memorable characters,punchy prose, dialogue that zings. Rushford has wrapped all those elements in a many-layered and puzzling plot that will keep readers turning the pages."

_________Dorothy Francis, award winning suspense writer and author of The Conch Shell Murder


"Patricia Rushford has no equal when it comes to building complex characters, then thrusting them into intriguing situations. Deadly Aim is a pleasure from beginning to end providing action and emotional impact while exploring deeper issues, like loyalty and trust. I hope we'll be able to enjoy these intriguing characters for a long time to come. Dandy plot, intriguing characters, greatsubtext-I loved it! Rushford's Deadly Aim nails the target dead on.

_________Dr. Sandy Dengler, Author


"Patricia H. Rushford continues the "Angel Delaney" series with another fast-paced and faith-filled story!

Luke Delaney dropped out of sight six years ago. He had been implicated in a double murder, but Angel never thought he was guilty. As the family gathers for the funeral of Angel and Luke's father, one of the mourners seemed uncomfortably out of place. Although he vaguely resembled Luke, Angel held her investigative instincts in check until she could pursue things at a more appropriate time. Yet, when Angel starts asking questions, people start dying. There's more to Luke's disappearance than meets the eye.

Written with the perfect touch of mystery and mayhem, this book delivers a strong story with emotional appeal. Readers may be familiar with the Delaney family from previous novels, although this story can be read independently. The investigation into Luke's disappearance proceeds with the intricacies of police procedure and the passion of personal feelings. Danger and deceit stalk these pages, as Angel desperately searches for the truth.

The latter half of the book explodes with surprises and suspense! Readers will hold their breath as Angel gets deeper into the mystery. There will be a few gasps and groans as the fate of several characters comes into question. Yet, the Christian worldview quietly gives this book a calm assurance in the midst of some major difficulties. The author is to be commended for a subtle, yet stalwart presentation of Christianity in everyday life.

As Good as Dead is a great book from a talented writer." -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book Previews.com


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