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You won't want to miss this true-to-life mystery series starring

Oregon State Police Detective, Antonio (Mac) McAllister in

The McAllister Files ....



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Ride along with Oregon State Police Detectives, McAllister and Bledsoe as they solve a grisly murder in


Secrets, Lies & Alibis

A headline murder. A rookie investigator.

A race against the clock . . . and against his past.

With a newly minted detective badge, "Mac" McAllister reports for his first assignment with the Oregon State Police detective division, a gruesome homicide. The victim, a beautiful young woman, Megan Tyson, was brutally murdered only weeks before her marriage.

Too many suspects and too little hard evidence keep Mac and his seasoned partner Kevin Bledsoe, scrambling. Can they sort through the lies and alibis before the killer strikes again?




Mac is back and this time he's dealing with three difficult cases, two murders and a decision of the heart.

A young man is missing and Mac joins the search until he is called away to deal with a homicide that may or may not be related.

When the investigations deadend, Mac is determined not to let the crimes remain unsolved--even if it means putting his own life on the line to catch the killer.

Terminal 9

Two dead bodies

a web of conspiracy and cover-ups.

A young detective searching for answers to the case ..... and to his heart.

She Who Watches

A Senator's family has been threatened and now his niece is missing.

Can Mac and Dana find Sara before it's too late?


Reviews . . .

The authors have presented an excellent example of true police work. Through interviews, setting up tip lines, forensic analysis, evidence collection, and just plain hard work, they are finally able to focus in on the killer. This book is the first in The McAllister Files and inspired by true crime stories. The book’s authentic feel must come not only from the talent of Patricia Rushford, who is the author of 40+ books, but it also from Harrison James (pen name) who has extensive experience in police work. I was really glad to learn that there will be more books in the series as I was truly sad to come to the end of this one. I wanted to know what Mac and Kevin were going to be investigating tomorrow morning AND I wanted to be there with them. Since others books are to follow in the series, I know I will have that opportunity – just not as soon as I would like. Stay buckled for the ride as Mac McAllister sifts through an overabundance of Secrets, Lies & Alibis in the world of deceit. Real life couldn't be more authentic than this new fiction.

Reviewed by Barbara Wright, Murder & Mayhem Book CLub


Patricia H. Rushford is an award-winning author, speaker, and teacher. She holds a master's degree in counseling and is a prolific writer with over 40 books to her credit and more than a million copies sold. Patricia was nominated for an Edgar Allan Poe award for her book, Silent Witness. She conducts writers' workshops for adults and children and has appeared as a featured guest on numerous radio and television shows.

Harrison James works in a supervising role in a major metropolitan police department. He has worked as an undercover narcotics agent, enforced big-game paching laws, and investigated hundreds of cases as a detective, including homicide and sexual and physical abuse crimes. James has also appeared in several reality police/crime television shows.

Fiction that reflects the grittiness of real life and the reality of faith . . .

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