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I write books and I make quilts. Lots of them. I have even written a mystery about a quilter called "The Quiltmaker's Daughter." Click the title and check it out on Amazon. Or go to my "books" tab at the top of the page and check out my titles.


But enough about books, this is about quilting. I tend to be very diverse in my quiltmaking, from designing my own patterns to traditional to art quilts. I give many of my quilts away, but have recently started selling them. This page, features a number of my quilts with descriptions and prices. If you'd like to contact me regarding purchase or questions you can do so via Facebook or to e-mail click here.





Nana's Quilt Shop


Most of my quilts are special one-of-a kind home-made, pieced and quilted by me, AKA Patricia Rushford (Nana) and stitched with love. I use quality materials and strive for quality workmanship. My friends and family tell me that my quilts are wonderful and I smile.

Every quilt has a story and here you will find the quilt's photo, title, the brief but spectacular story, and the size. Most quilts are created in the same way I create my books. Sort of a "by-the-seat-of-my-pants" method. When I start, I don't know where I'm going but by the time I finish the mystery is solved and I am happy to have created yet another quilt.

I also make quilts using patterns. Some easy, some complicated. I will sometimes do quilts for customers who have a specific theme. These are especially fun for children. And grandchildren and great grandchildren have been delighted with my efforts.

Some of the quilts I'm featuring here are not for sale. Most likely because they are a priceless piece of love holding a child who adores it. Or, I have not come to a place where I can part with it. The prices on the quilts vary according to the degree of difficulty and uniqueness.


My first quilt was a Holly Hobby quilt that I sewed for my daughter in the 1970s. So sweet and loved. Lost over time but not forgotten.

I've grown a lot since then as both a quilter and as an artist.



A Butterfly Garden



This elegant lap quilt features a Butterfly Garden panel and gem charms offset in a stained glass style.

The Butterfly Garden is 42: Wide and 59" Long


Dreams of Paris


A lap quilt featuring a beautiful Parisan panel with flowers and a depection of the Eifle Tower.

43.5" Wide and 62" Long




Crazy is as Crazy Does


Wonky shaped pieces cut and assembled in a wild array of colors and patterns. A smile inducing lap quilt. The back is as colorful as the front all done in popular Kaffe fabrics.


A stunning back done in Kaffe fabrics as well.

50" Wide by 50" Long.



Riding English

A horselover's delight. Shown on a queen size bed, this horse lover's quilt would fit a twin bed with a dust ruffle. It recently went to live with my favorite rider, Maddy, who shows her horses with flair.



The Back is an English Rider's showcase.

53.5"wide and 71" long



“Dancing in Africa”


I have loved Africa since I was a child.  Our church supported missions there and I was always saddened by the poverty and at the same time inspired by the joy they exhibited despite the hardships.  Dancing in Africa is the first in my African Vision series. 

Pieced, Designed and Quilted by Patricia H. Rushford
January 2020

*This series is not yet for sale.


afr life

African Life


Color abounds in the huts and clothing of the women carrying their wares to and from the Market. 
Fragments of life placed and misplaced, pieced together with abandon and purpose. African Life is the second in my African Vision series.

Designed, Pieced and Quilted by Patricia H. Rushford
February 2020

*This series is not yet for sale.



Stars and Flowers


This beauty started out as a mystery quilt. We were given instructions piece by piece and didn't know what the quilt would look like until the final installation. A real challenge for me as I'm not a point person. It's a traditional design and I love it.


The back is a matching floral print. A perfect fit. It's lying on a queen size bed and is 59.5" Wide and 73.5" Long





Butterfly Quilt


By far the hardest quilt I've ever done. It was our quilt guild's Mystery Quilt for 2018. Sort of like putting a 2000 piece puzzle together. The results are stunning.


This beauty is from Janet Fogg's Butterfly pattern. The back is an elegant gray floral.

50.5 Wide by 63' Long




Asian Delight


I won this fabric collection at a quilting retreat a few years ago and kept mulling over what I wanted it to be. I finally decided on the disappearing four patch blocks and used black to set off the beautiful fabric. This lap quilt is one of my favorites.


A lovely cherry blosson asian themed fabric adorns the back.

46" Wide by 57" Long



Asian Memories


What can I say? I love Asian fabrics and enjoy making the disappearing four patch quilt block, so I did it again. This time using cream to set off the asian prints.


Luck prevailed as I had enough of this amazing tree fabric for the border and back. 47" Wide by 59.5" Long



"Starry Splendor"


I don't often buy quilt kits, but I got a really great deal on this one from Connecting Threads. It was my first effort at making stars and it took me hours and hours. But it turned out great.


A delightfully cozy lap quilt with a gorgeous back--a fall fabric by well-known artist Thomas Kincaid.

50.5 Wide by 61.5 Long








Feeling stressed? Wrap yourself up in this comforting quilt done in hues of green and soft fall tones. My daughter confiscated this quilt during her last visit.


Waterlillies and butterflies on the back echo the serenity.

50.5" Wide by 64" Long



Bird and Fruits



One of my art groups, The Experimentalists, used this gorgeous bird and fruit panel as a challenge. Some cut it up to use in an art quilt, I couldn't bring myself to do that so I found some perfect fabric and finished it as a lap quilt.




My Art Quilts

All Art quilts are designed with a sleeve on the back so they can be hung. (NSF indicated Not For Sale)


The Lone Rose

$ 85

This was one of my first art quilts. I created it before I knew what art quilts were. I wanted something that resembled a stained glass window I have.


"Where the Crawdads Sing"

An abandoned child, a boat, a murder and the will to survive create a captivating story of life in the coastal marshes of North Carolina’s Outer Banks.  How could I not make a quilt. While going through my stash I can upon a beautiful hand dyed piece and knew it would be the background for my quilt.  The figure and boat as well as the land and tree are appliqued on to the fabric and the painted moon adds to the mystery of it all. 
Designed and quilted by Patricia Rushford
August, 2019


“I Feel Better When I Paint…”

My inspiration for this quilt came from four sources.  One, a photo of my granddaughter, Adalia (4). Who loves to paint.  Two, a documentary about art benefitting patients with Alzeimer’s and dementia, entitled, “I Remember Better When I Paint.”  Three, a quote from Syrian Painter, Elias Zayat, octogenarian, who said, “I feel better when I paint. If I didn’t … I think that would be madness. And I’m not done yet.”  And four, the lyrics in a song by Sister Hazel, “I feel better when I paint my days with purple seas...”
The art quilt, with applique and fabric painting was designed. pieced and quilted by Patricia Rushford, January, 2017. NFS

My Peruvian Rooster


While watching an artist paint what he called a Peruvian Rooster on television, I fell in love with him and decided I needed to recreate him in cloth. Using a variety of colorful fabirics and feathers I appliqued and quilted him. I painted him in acryics as well. What fun. He's a one of a kind wall hanging.


“Sookie’s Blue Jays”


I designed and created this landscape quilt after reading Fannie Flagg’s book, All Girls Filling Station Reunion as a member of Thread Tales, a group of readers and quilters.

Designed, Pieced and Quilted by…
Patricia H. Rushford
November 2014


The Artists Muse 

There apparently is no muse for the artist, but I have my personal muse.  I, being an artist, am inspired by my great granddaughter, Maddie.  Using one of my favorite photos of her, I took on the challenge of creating an art quilt.  I used acrylics and watercolor pencils to paint the face, and applique for her hair clothing and tree.


Spring Storm

Using a Toni Whitney pattern called Spring Storm, I created this gorgeous wall hanging for my granddaughter, Andrea. It hangs on the wall in her room. My first animal art quilt. So lovely I think I might do it again.





Born to be Wild


The inspiration for this quilt came from the Quilt Show theme, “Walk on the Wild Side.” 
Her leather jacket, purple highlights and rhinestone studs along with her large mug, shout, wild woman.  Her expression makes one wonder if, indeed, she was born into wildness.  Time will tell. She won a ribbon so maybe there is a little wildness after all.
Fabric painting techniques and applique.
Designed and quilted by Patricia H. Rushford




After reading West with the Night by Beryland Markham and Strait on Till Morning: The Biography of Beryl Markham by Mary S. Lovell, a famous aviator from Africa.  I was amazed by so many aspects of her life, but was particularly moved by her encounter with a supposedly tame lion as a young uninhibited child.  As she was playing, the lion attacked and mauled her nearly to death.  I was particularly impressed with her reaction to the attack.  She healed and continued to be a force to be reckoned with.  The lion was put down, sadly.  He was, after all, a lion doing what lions were meant to do. 



A lovely wall hanging panel bordered and quilted. Elegant in its simplicity.

Mom & Me

From a small photo of my mother and me taken in 1944, I created this portrait quilt. 

In memory of my mom,
Dagny Anderson
 (January 1923 - June 2011)

Designed and quilted by
Patricia Rushford, January 2019



My Highland Cow

I fell in love with a photo of the rather notorious and windblown, Scottish Highland Cow.  Using artistic license, I drew my cow, created lots of hair and soulful big brown eyes.  Then transferred him to fabric.  

While I plan to keep this little guy, I might be persuaded to create a special one for an admirer.

Designed and quilted by Patricia Rushford
August 2019






I hope you enjoyed browsing through Nana's Quilt Shop if you would like to contact me regarding purchase or have questions you can do do so

via Facebook or to e-mail click here.

I can accept payment via Paypal or personal check. Shipping is free in the US only.


My Artist's Statement

I don't ever remember not being an artist. What I do remember is a father, who despite his poor health, used to cut out pieces of pressed board for me to paint on. He encouraged me to enter art contests and even bought me art books meant to teach me the craft. I also remember never having money for art lessons. As an adolescent, I used to save my babysitting and berry picking money to buy art supplies. Usually canvases and oil paints.
Art helps us cope when times are tough. It brings satisfaction.  I’ve been a potter, a painter, a ceramicist, a quiltmaker and a writer. I love traditional quiltmaking, but after joining "Thread Tales," a group of quilters who read a book and then create a quilt from something they read or something that touched them in the reading, I’ve become enamored with art quilting and joined the Experimentalists.  Recently, I’ve been blending painting and fabric in my portrait quilts. In addition, my latest mystery, The Quiltmaker’s Daughter, features an art quilter.  I guess you could say I’m hooked. 




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