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Romantic Suspense from...

Award Winning Author & Speaker

Patricia H. Rushford

Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach

Strangers in the Night

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Strangers in the Night

Set in 1961, Strangers in the Night, offers up plenty of romance, mystery and suspense.

Abbie Campbell has been running from the law for two years. A visit from Jake Connors, a friend of her parents, convinces her that it’s time to go home.  But home is fraught with dangers.  She faces the challenge of falling in love, turning an old lumber town into an artist retreat, and fighting to regain custody of her daughter, Emma, and possibly even facing jail time. 

And these are only the problems she knows about. Hidden in the beautiful, Northwest town of Cold Creek near Lincoln City Oregon lurks a killer determined to stave off development of the town at all costs.



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